Single Mom Meets Neglected Husband

As a single mom, Jenny has so much on her hands including busy lifestyle. As far as dating went, where to start? Why not an Internet chat room? Jenny opened an account and left what she thought was an interesting profile. In no time, she had several responses, one from an admirer seeking companionship with no strings attached. This matched exactly what Jenny was looking for; a little bit of fun and no commitment. After exchanging emails a few times, Jenny came to realize that Todd was a neglected husband, seeking just a little more sexual attention. This sounded like the perfect scenario.

They got to know each other through emails; it is all fun and heart melting, as there is an immediate connection between them. One night over email exchanges Jenny and Todd get to flirting, one thing leads to another, and they finally decide to meet up just for a cup of coffee. The kids are out camping so they choose to meet at her place. Nothing like a homemade cup of coffee.

He arrives and Jenny is pleasantly surprised; Todd is much more handsome than his photo. They exchange their pleasantries, and Jenny headed towards the kitchen to check on the coffee as they continued talking. Todd offered to help, and they are now both in the kitchen. A few compliments from him and it turns to teasing and soft touches. In an attempt to help in preparing coffee, he passes the sugar where they face each other, and are breathing right into each other’s face.

Todd placed the sugar on the counter, grabbed her by the waist, and kissed her hard. It was the first time anyone had kissed Jenny like that; intensely, like he was fucking her mouth with his tongue. It didn’t matter that they were in the kitchen, morning light streaming through the windows. They help each other to strip down their clothes and for the first time, words were minimal.

Todd lifted Jenny to the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Jenny leaned back and closed her eyes in ecstasy, which is why she didn’t see Todd peeling the banana. Suddenly she was being fucked by fruit as he licked her clit, driving her crazy for more. As he caresses her ample and firm breasts, he leaned forward and slowly inserted his hard cock into her wetness.

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